Maggie Tsiopelaki

I studied Illustrator Cartoonist-in IIEK Intergraphics and since I remember myself, I 've always painted. I painted on paper, tables, walls, on whatever I found.
Everything around can be a source of inspiration for me.
I can create a whole story by being given a word, a phrase, or an image. According to the stimulus provided from what I see or hear, I can produce many alternative storyboards so that if, in the course, something doesn't appeal to me, I can change it or correct it.
Whatever I make-whether it is an image or an one-page comic-has always a beginning, a middle and an end; there is always a subject, and every character I create has his own special story. I don't draw anything at random, or just to draw something.
Everything has its own semiotics-from the colours I choose to use to the character's body posture, from his or her clothes to the name, too.
I create listening to music because music helps me bring out emotions and situations. I imagine that the moment that is taking place what I make, the corresponding music is heard on the background.
I work based on emotion but logic does exist in whatever I make. For this reason, before I create anything I picture the whole scenery and the story right from the start.
So I start drawing from the point where the story stops. I draw each character or scenery based on the information I already have about them. Whatever I create is original, sheer creation of my imagination and I love it because there is a part of me in it.

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